Amit Verma is a Mumbai based photographer and certified UX designer (New York University).

Amit has spent 10 years in advertising and online media with Penguin Books, Harper Collins, Westland Tranquebar. During this period he also worked as an online media consultant for individuals, mid-level as well as Fortune 100 companies across the world. In 2011, Amit started working as a photographer for Genesis Colors India and many other fashion brands. During 2012-13, he also worked as a documentary photographer for BBC Media Action.

In 2015 he graduated from the International Center of Photography (ICP),New York City, NY. His work was exhibited in shows including the multimedia installation in New York and was also published worldwide.

Influenced by the paintings and literature, he narrates stories with a cinematic approach.

Since 2016, he is also associated with ‘The Actors Truth’ as a Creative Consultant.


Art Installation ‘Flashback’ 2015 ;Rita K. Hillman Gallery, New York


Shift Vol. 10 2015, New York